My Highlights 2015 – What Were Yours?

Happy New Year!

By way of sharing my highlights in 2015, I am also providing some resources that you might find helpful for setting up your success in the New Year.

One of the significant highlights of 2015 was presenting a signed copy of my book to my coach, mentor and teacher, Brendon Burchard.  Brendon encouraged me to write the book and further paved the way by introducing me to the publisher.


Of course, a big highlight was actually publishing the book.  There is nothing to compare with opening a box filled with copies of a book you wrote, when it arrives at your front door.  It’s a moment to savor.

If you don’t yet have your copy, you can get it here:

Other highlights:

    • Attending High Performance Coaching [Re]-Certification, an opportunity to interact with a small group of extraordinary people truly committed to improving the lives of others. Learn more about my high performance coaching program here.
    • Delivering the Keynote to the New Jersey Bankers’ Association Women in Banking at their annual conference and to Seton Hall’s Executive Suite Program, among others.  Read about the reaction here.
    • Facilitating Leadership Retreats and Workshops for business owners and executives who want to improve their results and the effectiveness in leading high performing teams.  Learn more about these programs during my FREE Webinar on Creating the Ultimate Competitive Advantage through Teamwork.
    • Reading over 30 fabulous books.  If you are looking for a great book, you can see my top recommendations here.
    • Meeting in person with my Mastermind Group for several days of sharing, teaching, learning, supporting and challenging one another to rise to another level in our work. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of a mastermind, let me know here.
    • Traveling to Germany, where we had the chance to re-visit the area where my husband served in the U.S. Army many years ago. Then, moving on to re-explore the South of France, with some good friends, visiting some outstanding museums, and of course, enjoying great food and great wine.
    • And, as always, spending time with family and friends sharing adventures, a few laughs, good food and wine while creating memories that last.

All in all, it was a very good, very full year.  I’d love to hear about some of your highlights from 2015.  Just add them to the comments! And, if you need help, use the questions in my year end assessment to help jog your memory. Get Your Year End Assessment Here


Who’s Got Your Back? The Power of a Mastermind

Leadership ThinkingWhen I made the move from corporate executive to small business owner, I totally under-estimated just how big a transition that would be. Have you ever taken something on, only to find out that you are WAY out of your element? It’s both exciting and scary as hell!


Among the best things that I have done to help face some of the challenges of building a business is to learn from others. After all, success leaves clues, doesn’t it? And one of the things I learned from other successful people is all about the power of masterminds. I actively participate in two and they have been major contributors to my growth and to my confidence as a business leader.


I recently returned from three full days with my Marvelous Master Mind team. These are people I have met through our affiliation as part of Brendon Burchard’s Center Ring. These amazing individuals have all been very successful in their lives and past careers and have now turned their attention to making the world a better place by using their knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences to help others get up the learning curve a bit faster than their own rise.


We come from different industries, different backgrounds, and different parts of the world –and yet, what we have in common is our insatiable need to learn and grow and to help others learn and grow. Each of us has struggled, but none of us will give up. We provide support and encouragement to each other. We openly share our successes and our failures, our best practices, and our hard-won lessons—with a view toward helping each other create more success for ourselves and for the others that we touch.


It is a special experience. It is a special bond. And I am so grateful to have these beautiful people in my life. What an inspiration to see someone experience a breakthrough moment of clarity that motivates him or her to take the next steps in the process with renewed confidence. And what a comfort to know that –whatever you may be up against – these smart people have your back.


How much more you are able to accomplish when people you respect challenge your thinking and your limiting beliefs by providing alternative solutions and a new perspective to the problem you are facing.


So, what about you? Where do your new ideas and fresh perspectives come from? Who has your back? To whom are you contributing your experience to help them improve?


I’d love to hear from you. Please comment, let me know if you like this post and share it with others.


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