Where Do You Need More Clarity?

ClarityIn my recent post, Three Ways to Gain More Clarity, I shared some of the easiest ways to improve the level of clarity in your life and in your work.  One reader asked:  How do you know where you need more clarity?  Wow!  What a great question!

As a speaker and a coach, whenever I discuss clarity, I encourage my audience to ask themselves where more clarity is needed.  And I have a few suggestions on where to start.  One of the simplest is this:

What do you want?  It’s surprising how powerful this simple question can be.  Many of us, especially women, spend so much of our time, energy and attention on helping other people get what they want, that we forget to ask ourselves.  In fact, when I ask clients this question, they are usually stumped for a moment or two.  And often, they can more easily say what they don’t want and we have to work backwards from there.  This works very well, by the way.

Why do you want it?  Once you know what, it’s helpful to know the reason behind the what, especially if the “what” requires time, effort, attention or money.  What I’ve noticed, over time, is that, without the why, it becomes easier to give up on the what.  So when the what is important, so is the why.  In fact, I recommend that you ask yourself why multiple times, to get to the real baseline motivation that will help you overcome the inevitable challenges on the way to the what.

Here’s an example of an exchange with a business leader who told me she wanted a promotion. I asked her “why is that important to you?” and continued to ask that same question with each answer she gave me:

  • Because I want more money.
  • Because I want to buy more things.
  • Because I want to have more things.
  • Because that means I am successful.
  • Because I want other people to see me as successful.
  • Because my parents and teachers told me I’d never amount to much.

Once this client realized that she was relying on external sources for her sense of self-esteem and self-worth – once she gained clarity — we were able to re-focus. We worked on identifying the intrinsic value and rewards for the work she was doing, the contributions she was making and the ways she was able to help and support others.

She began to understand that those reasons were far more powerful and far more sustainable as a source of motivation.

Clarity is indeed power, as Buckminster Fuller said.  Once you have clarity, you have a better idea of where you want to go and how to get there. Everything falls into place.

Clarity is so important to success that it’s one of the first topics in my High Performance Coaching Program.  If you want to learn more about how to consistently perform at your best, just click here.

Clarity is also one of the main tools I recommend when I speak on “Hope is Not a Strategy, You Need a Plan: Getting to the Next Level Using the 5C’s.” If you are interested in a keynote – or a workshop – on this topic, just send an email to info@ellisbusinessenterprises.com or, for more information, click here to see my Speaker’s Profile.

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Hope is Not a Strategy Discussion – Architect for Change

Listen in to the discussion between me and Connie Whitman for her Architect for Change [Web Talk] Radio Show.

(Right click on the file to download it).


In this audio, learn about:

  • The problem with hope as a strategy.
  • Why it’s important to be deliberate and intentional instead–and about what.
  • The value of clarity in getting what you want in life, your career or your business–in both the short term and the long term.
  • The benefits of a meditation practice as a tool to gain balance and perspective.
  • Recognizing the power of choice and how to use it to get back control.
  • Protecting your confidence at all costs and why it’s critical to learn how, especially for women.
  • How you can generate courage in the moment when you need it to propel you forward.
  • The concept of clout and why influence is the currency of leadership.
  • How working on you improves everything else.
  • The role of commitment in moving forward for continuous improvement.
  • The importance of celebration as a practice instead of beating yourself up.

And all these “C” words are part of my keynote speech on Getting to the Next Level Using the 5 C’s.

Connie also recommends my book, which is available along with free gifts by clicking here.

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5 Benefits of High Performance Coaching

high performanceThis weekend, I am heading to Santa Clara, California for my annual re-certification as a High Performance Coach. I’m looking forward to 5 intensive days of training and learning with other coaches from around the world who are dedicated to helping people excel and succeed above standard norms consistently over the long term.

Having worked through the high performance program several times myself, as well as coaching others through it, I’ve realized at least 5 key benefits to learning how to create a sustainable level of high performance:

  1. Greater Clarity. According to Buckminster Fuller, “clarity is power” and I couldn’t agree more. When you have clarity about who you are, what you want and where you are headed, the path becomes easier to follow and the distractions are easier to ignore. And the likelihood that you will achieve the outcome you really want increases as well.
  2. Increased Energy The most consistent complaint I hear from people is “not enough time” to do everything expected or desired. Learning to manage your energy—and how to increase it—provides a better return than trying to manage your time.
  3. More Courage. The ability to make the tough choices that life requires of us all and to move forward despite the fears and doubts we all face from time to time is a real game-changer. After all, we are not born with courage, but we can learn how to generate it when we need it.
  4. Greater Productivity.  This includes the ability to identify and focus on what’s important and allows you attend to the 20% of effort that creates 80% of the result.
  5. Higher level of Influence.  Leading your own life with more intention and having the ability to impact the lives of others, including team members, coworkers, customers—even family and friends—will ultimately make you more effective at anything you want to accomplish.

Having more clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence becomes a game-changer for anyone who wants to excel in their career, business or life itself.  For me, the opportunity to reconnect with my fellow coaches and refocus on my own personal growth is an opportunity I’m very grateful for.

I am looking forward to my training. My colleagues operate at a high level of energy and with a high level of commitment to performing at their very best. Upon my return, I will be starting up my next high performance group coaching program.

To learn more about high performance coaching, and to find out whether you qualify for the program, click on the button below.

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