Building Relationships When It Matters Most

womenshaking handsAmy had a new job and she was very excited about it.  She knew that it was a big opportunity for her and would propel her career forward in the direction she had always wanted.  She also knew that, in order to be successful in this new role, she would have to build solid relationships with her boss, her peers and her team.

So together, Amy and I created a game plan, which included learning:

  • how relationships begin with a connection
  • what it takes to make a solid connection
  • how to move from connection to rapport
  • what role trust plays in building relationships
  • how different communication styles affect success

Amy was serious about making the most of her time, energy and attention to build relationships, so beginning with the right thought process was essential.

When we explored her personal communication preferences and her typical behavioral style in the workplace, Amy had one of her many “Aha!” moments.  Realizing the unintentional impact of her style on others caused her to reflect on difficult relationships that had contributed to her lack of success in the past.

We all have blind spots like the ones Amy suddenly realized and those blind spots can really prevent success at work—and in life.  Learning about how your blind spots are being perceived by others is a critical component of building solid relationships.

Amy was anxious to improve on her ability to connect with others and to communicate more effectively at work.  I taught her about the different styles of communication and how she could most effectively interact with people whose styles were different from hers.  Understanding this is essential to building relationships when it matters most, as it did for Amy.

If you would like to learn more about the different styles of communication and how to more effectively interact with others at work—or anywhere, join me for my upcoming webinar, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, during which I will teach the practical tools that I taught Amy that enabled her to build healthy relationships right from the start.

And stay tuned for my next episode in which I will share the 5 Key Principles of Connecting that will help drive your success in building better relationships, just like they helped Amy.

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