Sales Training

  • 82% of all salespeople discount to earn a sale!
  • 82% of all salespeople fail to effectively differentiate themselves or their products from their competition
  • 86% of all salespeople ask the wrong questions and miss sales opportunities
  • 62% of all salespeople fail to earn the right to ask for a purchase agreement

Ask Yourself

  • How consistent are your sales results?
  • How skilled is your sales team at handling objections?
  • How effective is your team at managing their sales activities and their time?

sales-chartsLet us help you increase your abilities to ask the right questions, differentiate yourself from the competition, overcome objections and close more sales.

If we could help your team close more sales in less time, wouldn’t it be worth a phone call to learn how?

Call Cheryl today to schedule a 20 minute phone assessment that could dramatically improve the results you are getting.

  • Customized Training Solutions— from introductory (3 hours) to 2-day sessions, depending on your needs, with on-going sales support available.
  • Accelerate Your Sales—designed for anyone in sales—who wants specific skills and strategies for increasing his or her sales conversion rate.

Learn how to:

  • ask engaging questions
  • understand your sales style, strengths and challenges
  • recognize your customers’ buying styles
  • create a compelling value proposition that works
  • overcome objections
  • make better connections to build stronger relationships

Assessment Tools

  • Everything DiSC Sales Profile—an absolute must for anyone who wants to improve his or her sales effectiveness. 

From this profile, you will learn & understand:

  • your own sales style, including your priorities, strengths and blind spots
  • different customer buying styles and how to recognize them,
  • strategies for adapting and interacting more effectively with different customer buying styles.