Teamwork – The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

I recently finished reading The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown.  It’s the story of “Nine Americans and their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.”  And what a story!  Even though it’s early in the … Continue reading

5 Best Practices of Connecting

I’ve been telling you about Amy, her exciting new job and her desire to get a great start on building strong relationships with her new boss, peers and team members. In Building Relationships When It Matters Most, I shared the … Continue reading

5 Key Principles of Connecting

In my last post, Building Relationships When It Matters Most, I introduced Amy, who was starting a new job and wanted to be more effective in building relationships with her boss, team and co-workers. From our meetings, Amy learned how … Continue reading

Building Relationships When It Matters Most

Amy had a new job and she was very excited about it.  She knew that it was a big opportunity for her and would propel her career forward in the direction she had always wanted.  She also knew that, in … Continue reading

Spread a Little Kindness Today – 7 Ways

There is all together too much hatred in the world today.  Honestly, it scares me.  It feels so irrational and I have a hard time relating because I cannot remember hating a person or “a people” in my life. So … Continue reading