How to PLAN for Your Success in 2015

time to planThis week, as the featured speaker for Whole Foods Lunch and Learn program, sponsored by Jim Hollenbach of Hollenbach Family Chiropractic, I had the pleasure of presenting Success Doesn’t Just Happen….You Need A Plan!

The key points included:

  • the two most important benefits of planning and goal-setting
  • a simple powerful planning model that works for individuals and for organizations of all size
  • the top 3 mistakes people make in planning and goal-setting and how to avoid them

It was a small but attentive, engaged audience – my favorite kind!  For a keynote speaker, it’s really a pleasure when people ask great, thoughtful questions or add insightful comments or stories that further illustrate your point.  To me, it’s a great indication that “they get it” and it’s music to my ears to realize that my message is hitting its mark.
If you are interested in planning for your success in 2015, I invite you to get your free copy of the audio recording here: Planning for Success in 2015.

You will also receive a companion document summarizing my key points, along with a visual of the model I describe. Everything you need to get started on planning your success this year.

Wishing you continued success in 2015,


P.S.  If you are looking for someone to bring this message to your organization, let me know.  This is only a quick 20-minute overview of the model and some key mistakes to avoid and I have lots more valuable information on effective planning to share.

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