Personal Growth

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”
—-Warren Buffet

personal-growthAs a person passionately committed to personal and professional development, I have been a life-long student of business, human behavior and potential, and leadership effectiveness.

Each and every year, I invest in my own professional development.  As a result, I provide more support and expertise to my clients.  Over the past several years, my training has included:

  • Founding Member of The John Maxwell Team
  • Experts Academy with Brendon Burchard
  • Breakthrough to Success with Jack Canfield – and a member of Jack’s Inner Circle
  • 5 years of monthly Business Coaching with Jennifer Hines of Accelerated Sales Leadership
  • Financial Literacy and Business Growth with Keith Cunningham (Keys to the Vault)
  • Business Coaching Certification via International Business Coaching Federation

If you want better results in your business or in your career, I recommend:

Personal Growth Series—6 Interactive  [2 hour] Sessions that will help you tap into your inner power and recognize your potential to achieve your hope and dreams.

Select from the following:

  • Formula For Lasting Change
  • How to Take 100% Responsibility for your Life Experience
  • Secret to Overcoming Fear
  • How Thinking Bigger Can Lead to Bigger Results
  • Techniques for Raising Your Self-Esteem
  • Create the Plan To Be-Do-Have What You Want
  • Principles to Lasting Success
  • HOPE is not a Strategy….You Need A Plan
  • Recognizing your life’s purpose & passion
  • Building a Winning Attitude
  • Creating Habits that Drive Results

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