Does Your Team Engage in Constructive Conflict?

Man giving lecture to four people in computer room

Is your team able to disagree productively?  Are they able to debate issues of importance to the organization while maintaining respect for one another?  Do they feel safe in challenging ideas presented by others?  Including you?  In other words, does your team engage in constructive conflict?

If not, you may be missing out on solving the biggest problems, finding the best solutions, creating the best opportunities, and setting the stage for the creativity and innovation that sets your organization apart.

Here are 5 Signs that your team fears or avoids constructive conflict:

  1. The environment is full of back-channel politics.
  2. Team members attack one another personally or engage in passive aggressive behavior.
  3. important but controversial topics are ignored or avoided.
  4. There is a lack of respect for other opinions or perspectives.
  5. Time and energy is wasted on politics and posturing.

Cohesive, high-performing, high-achieving teams are willing to disagree in the interest of finding the best ideas and the best solutions.  And, they can do so while maintaining respect and valuing each other’s unique skills and contributions.

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