2 thoughts on “Dealing With Difficult People

  1. hi Cheryl..enjoyed the content very much. as you state in #2, empathy is paramount in my line of work as a nursing supervisor. I find people who are stressed about their health or the health of a loved one are already functioning with an emotional deficit and diminished capacity to hear and process information. there is much frustration in the health care field due to a multi layered breakdown in communication and when you enter a situation that is already contentious I find people really want to be acknowledged and really heard. they also want to know you have a sincere desire to help them. once you offer your undivided attention and display empathy and sincerity with a calm, compassionate attitude and not take anything personally, you likely will achieve a successful outcome.

    • Excellent points, Maureen. Thanks for sharing. Nothing is better in health care than someone who will take the time to listen and truly care about the patient and his or her family. This is why I so admire nurses!!

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