Spread a Little Kindness Today – 7 Ways

There is all together too much hatred in the world today.  Honestly, it scares me.  It feels so irrational and I have a hard time relating because I cannot remember hating a person or “a people” in my life. So … Continue reading

When it Comes to Asking Tough Questions, How Well Do You COPE?

Recently I was asked to provide some advice to inexperienced managers about asking “tough questions” to their boss.  Examples included asking for a raise or special consideration, seeking clarification on expectations, getting some feedback or direction about performance and future … Continue reading

3 Signs You Are Not A Good Leader

In my experience coaching, training and facilitating leadership teams, there are three common scenarios that I often hear. Do any of these sound familiar to you? You are continually frustrated with your team’s ability to follow through in a way … Continue reading

The Unexpected Benefit

Sometimes, the unexpected benefit is the most meaningful. When you write a book, people want to know why. What is your goal? What do you hope to gain? Some seek fame and recognition. For others, it is credibility. And others … Continue reading

3 Tips for More Effective Crucial Conversations

I love you but….. Have you ever had one of those conversations in which someone is saying nice things, and you just know there’s going to be a “but” in there? You can’t focus on the nice things because you … Continue reading