With days to go in 2011, now is a great time to assess your performance for the year.  How did you do? If, like many people I talk to, you are focused on what didn’t get done, which goals or intentions you missed, and what didn’t happen, you are setting yourself up for some distress.

Why not pay some attention to what did happen, what you did accomplish, the progress you did make this year?

One of my heroes and mentors, Jack Canfield, offered the following list of areas to review.

My challenge to you is to recognize the areas where you made progress, whether or not it was a specific goal for 2011.

1.   Business-related wins.

2.   Business relationships – new or improved.

3.   New products or services introduced.

4.   New markets you’ve identified or penetrated.

5.   New or improved marketing materials or web site.

6.   Being more productive through better delegation or new systems (including your home and your business).

7.   Improved leadership – new skills developed, new insights gained.

8.   Making presentations or speeches.

9.   New technology learned or deployed.

10. New abilities, skills or competencies.

11. Financial income or investments.

12. New or improved personal relationships.

13. Good habits developed or bad habits overcome.

14. Positive events attended or great experiences.

15. Improvements in personal presentation or image.

16. More time enjoying nature.

17. Positive events in the family that occurred.

18. Trips and vacations taken.

19. New additions—pets, people, art or other collectibles.

20. Personal development.

21. Spiritual development.

22. Health & fitness.

23. Positive growth /change in your community (however you define it).

24. Letting go of clutter, control, out-dated needs or limiting beliefs.

25. Doing things that made you smile or laugh or feel happy and alive.

Isn’t that a great list?  Not everything applies to you, though surely some do.  Reviewing this list, I felt great about my year and I’m looking forward to 2012 already—what about you?  Let me know how you’re doing……and do celebrate your progress and your success!!

Wishing you continued success in business and in life.

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