5 Key Principles of Connecting

In my last post, Building Relationships When It Matters Most, I introduced Amy, who was starting a new job and wanted to be more effective in building relationships with her boss, team and co-workers. From our meetings, Amy learned how … Continue reading

When it Comes to Asking Tough Questions, How Well Do You COPE?

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3 Signs You Are Not A Good Leader

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5 Benefits of High Performance Coaching

This weekend, I am heading to Santa Clara, California for my annual re-certification as a High Performance Coach. I’m looking forward to 5 intensive days of training and learning with other coaches from around the world who are dedicated to … Continue reading

3 Tips for More Effective Crucial Conversations

I love you but….. Have you ever had one of those conversations in which someone is saying nice things, and you just know there’s going to be a “but” in there? You can’t focus on the nice things because you … Continue reading