How to Increase Team Accountability

As a leader, knowing how to increase accountability among your team members is an important ability. Members of cohesive, high-performing teams hold one another accountable, and they don’t rely on the leader to do so. Asking the leader to be … Continue reading

Teamwork – The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

I recently finished reading The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown.  It’s the story of “Nine Americans and their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.”  And what a story!  Even though it’s early in the … Continue reading

My Highlights 2015 – What Were Yours?

Happy New Year! By way of sharing my highlights in 2015, I am also providing some resources that you might find helpful for setting up your success in the New Year. One of the significant highlights of 2015 was presenting a signed copy … Continue reading

My Ritual – Year End Assessment

In the chaos of the holiday season and with year end quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to review the year coming to a close so you can  hit the ground running in 2016. One of my favorite year … Continue reading

5 Best Practices of Connecting

I’ve been telling you about Amy, her exciting new job and her desire to get a great start on building strong relationships with her new boss, peers and team members. In Building Relationships When It Matters Most, I shared the … Continue reading