Building Efficiency, Community and Innovation in Your Organization

What are you doing in your organization to encourage efficiency, community, and innovation?  These are the guidelines used at Google in deciding on which People Programs to offer.

I am currently reading Work Rules:  Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead by Laszlo Bock, leader of Google’s people function.  It is certain to make it to my 2016 Favorites List.  (See my favorites from 2014 and 2015).  Though I left my [largely satisfying] corporate career over ten years ago to pursue the dream of having my own business—with no regrets, I admit that I would have loved working for a company like Google.

The commitment to finding the best talent on the planet and to the health, happiness, success and welfare of their people is truly impressive.

I will be writing more about this but today, I want to focus on the aspect of finding no cost or low cost ways to make a difference in the lives of your team.  Here is just one thing in each category that happens at Google that would be easy to implement in your organization:

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Efficiency:  Recognizing that people work hard all day, only to go home to “another job” related to family or household, Google makes it easier for everyone by bringing vendors on site to provide services like:  haircuts, manicures, dry cleaning, car wash and oil change, bike repair.  Small business owners in the community can be excellent partners to enable this in your company.

Group of Multi-Ethnic Business People Raising Their Hands And Holding Placards That Form Community

Community:  Not only Take Your Child to Work Day, but also Take Your Parent to Work Day!  An opportunity to thank parents for raising amazing kids and to see first hand what their work environment is like and hear from some of their coworkers.  Wow!  I can’t help thinking how much my dad would have loved to visit with some of my bosses.

InnovationInnovation:  Talks @Google is an opportunity to hear from authors, thought leaders and other luminaries on subjects as broad as your imagination.  These talks are on video and uploaded to YouTube to the benefit of everyone, so this also includes an element of community-building.

These are great ideas and others outside these themes are added “just because it’s the right thing to do.”  For my favorite example of this, read this article:  Here’s What Happens to Google Employees When They Die.

 These examples may or may not work in your organization.  The most important thing to realize here is that these are largely the result of suggestion from Googlers.  And Google makes a point of trying to say yes to its Googlers.

There’s more to come on what I’m learning from this amazing company and for now, I’d love to hear your thoughts – or your ideas of what your organization is doing to increase efficiency, community and innovation.

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