Making The Choice Against All Odds

During an extraordinary career as a senior banking executive, I was often given opportunities way beyond my comfort zone. Yet, having established a track record of success under circumstances of massive change, ambiguity and uncertainty, I was often asked to … Continue reading

3 Tips for More Effective Crucial Conversations

I love you but….. Have you ever had one of those conversations in which someone is saying nice things, and you just know there’s going to be a “but” in there? You can’t focus on the nice things because you … Continue reading

The Power of [Internal] Women’s Networks

    I had a lovely opportunity earlier this week to present one of my favorite Keynotes: Magnifying Success by Protecting Your Confidence to the amazing executive women of Aon Hewitt in New Jersey. (Aon Hewitt is global provider of … Continue reading

7 Key Abilities of 21st Century Leaders

In my research on the subject of leadership, along with my own experience and observation, I have developed a composite of the 21st Century Leader that describes the necessary abilities, as well as their critical attributes, behaviors and perspectives.  In … Continue reading

Leadership Lessons from Dad

In honor of upcoming Fathers’ Day, I thought I’d share the Leadership Lessons I learned from my father: Laugh.  The first part of the paper dad reads is the Comics section.  Sometimes, it’s the only part.  He loves to laugh, … Continue reading