5 Reasons to Make Self Care Your Top Priority

I can’t say for sure exactly when I realized that taking care of me should be my number one priority.  It was likely a mindset shift that took place gradually.  Recently, I’ve been asked by several people “Cheryl, how do … Continue reading

Hope is Not a Strategy Discussion – Architect for Change

Listen in to the discussion between me and Connie Whitman for her Architect for Change [Web Talk] Radio Show. (Right click on the file to download it).   In this audio, learn about: The problem with hope as a strategy. Why it’s … Continue reading

My Highlights 2015 – What Were Yours?

Happy New Year! By way of sharing my highlights in 2015, I am also providing some resources that you might find helpful for setting up your success in the New Year. One of the significant highlights of 2015 was presenting a signed copy … Continue reading

My Ritual – Year End Assessment

In the chaos of the holiday season and with year end quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to review the year coming to a close so you can  hit the ground running in 2016. One of my favorite year … Continue reading

Spread a Little Kindness Today – 7 Ways

There is all together too much hatred in the world today.  Honestly, it scares me.  It feels so irrational and I have a hard time relating because I cannot remember hating a person or “a people” in my life. So … Continue reading