How Women are Changing the FACE of Leadership

Today is International Women’s Day and an opportunity to reflect on the unique contribution of women and certainly to reach out and acknowledge and thank the women who have made a difference in your life or career or business. Since … Continue reading

Leadership Lessons from Spotlight

I was pleased that Spotlight won the best picture award at the Oscars last night.  Though I didn’t see all the films nominated, it was the best one I saw.  And I could relate to the story on many levels. … Continue reading

Hope is Not a Strategy Discussion – Architect for Change

Listen in to the discussion between me and Connie Whitman for her Architect for Change [Web Talk] Radio Show. (Right click on the file to download it).   In this audio, learn about: The problem with hope as a strategy. Why it’s … Continue reading

7 Signs Your Team Has Trust Issues

Do your team members trust each other?  How do you know? Here are 7 signs that indicate there may be trust issues on your team.  If you notice any of the following behaviors, working to increase trust is a must … Continue reading

How to Increase Team Accountability

As a leader, knowing how to increase accountability among your team members is an important ability. Members of cohesive, high-performing teams hold one another accountable, and they don’t rely on the leader to do so. Asking the leader to be … Continue reading