Why Jon Stewart is My Hero

You may not like his politics, or appreciate his sense of humor, or agree with his point of view on the world situation, but one thing is clear about Jon Stewart. He is a leader of leaders, an especially rare … Continue reading

Give Yourself Permission

One of the things I’ve noticed in my years as a business leader – first as a senior executive for a large financial services organization and then as a coach, trainer, and teacher to entrepreneurs and executives—is that people often … Continue reading

How to PLAN for Your Success in 2015

This week, as the featured speaker for Whole Foods Lunch and Learn program, sponsored by Jim Hollenbach of Hollenbach Family Chiropractic, I had the pleasure of presenting Success Doesn’t Just Happen….You Need A Plan! The key points included: the two … Continue reading

6 Things I Love About Millennials

As a baby boomer, I have to say that I get tired of my contemporaries describing the newest working generation as slackers, unwilling to pay their dues (mainly because it resonates with my own impatience when I first entered the … Continue reading

Leadership Lessons from Dad

In honor of upcoming Fathers’ Day, I thought I’d share the Leadership Lessons I learned from my father: Laugh.  The first part of the paper dad reads is the Comics section.  Sometimes, it’s the only part.  He loves to laugh, … Continue reading