My Highlights 2015 – What Were Yours?

Happy New Year! By way of sharing my highlights in 2015, I am also providing some resources that you might find helpful for setting up your success in the New Year. One of the significant highlights of 2015 was presenting a signed copy … Continue reading

Got Challenges? 5 Ways to Build Stress Resilience

One of the certainties of living is that, no matter who you are, how successful you have been or what privileges you were born into – or earned, you will face obstacles and challenges at some point on your path … Continue reading

Making The Choice Against All Odds

During an extraordinary career as a senior banking executive, I was often given opportunities way beyond my comfort zone. Yet, having established a track record of success under circumstances of massive change, ambiguity and uncertainty, I was often asked to … Continue reading

Who’s Got Your Back? The Power of a Mastermind

When I made the move from corporate executive to small business owner, I totally under-estimated just how big a transition that would be. Have you ever taken something on, only to find out that you are WAY out of your … Continue reading

3 Ways to Improve Business Relationships

When my friend Jane decided to get back into dating, she started with some research. A self-professed science nerd, she looked for books that could help her learn about best practices for successful dating. And when all she could find … Continue reading