Assessment Tools

Whether you are a leading a team of many or just leading yourself,  assessment tools are among the most effective means of increasing overall effectiveness in your organization.

Assessments improve self-awareness, identifying both key strengths and blind spots that may be preventing progress.

They also provide insight into the strengths and preferences of others that you interact with on a regular basis, so that you can improve your relationships and work more collaboratively to accomplish key priorities.

Organizations that use assessments are better able to leverage key strengths and identify talent gaps so that leaders can spend more time getting results and less time solving human resource problems.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What is the current level of trust, collaboration, commitment and accountability among your team members?
  • How effective is your current recruitment and selection process in finding the best possible candidates?
  • How are you currently assessing the future leadership capabilities of your organization?
  • What are you doing to understand, prioritize and fill the talent gaps to position your company for long-term growth?

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Customized Solutions include:

  • Facilitated Strategy Sessions to Identify Your Future Needs and Priorities
  • Leadership Development and Training to Position Your Team for Higher Performance Levels
  • Planning and Execution for High Impact Team Building Events
  • Professionally Facilitated Leadership Retreats That Improve Results

Benefits of Assessments

For the Individual

  • Gain clarity about your key strengths
  • Identify blind spots & areas for development
  • Understand how you are perceived by others
  • Get targeted support & coaching
  • Gain insight into behaviors that drive performance
  • Learn how to be a more effective team player

For the organization

  • Improve hiring & selection decisions to reduce turnover
  • Uncover individual & organizational skill gaps
  • Develop learning & development strategies that provide return on your investment
  • Increase overall productivity, effectiveness & results
  • Uncover “hidden” talent
  • Determine job fit & development needs to plan for succession