Are you connecting?

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking with 30 professional women who attended the Executive Women’s Forum at J.H.Cohn.  As a life-long student of business, leadership development, human potential and the principles of happiness and success, nothing brings me more joy than sharing some things I’ve enjoyed learning in order to help business leaders get better results.


My remarks were based partially on the work that I’ve done with groups and individuals using the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment and also on the best-selling book “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect,” by John Maxwell, one of my teachers and mentors.


On my desk is the Woman’s Advantage Calendar, which provides a daily inspirational quote by women business owners.  On February 1, Avil Beckford of shared this:  No one succeeds alone.  Relationships are the foundation of a successful business.  And then today, Sue Urda of wrote:  Connections are the essence of life.


So, it seems there is a theme for me this week around the ability to make connections as a key critical factor to success in business and in life. Connections are the first step toward building lasting relationships based on trust. And trust, as Stephen M.R. Covey tells us, “ is the one thing that changes everything.”


The discussion with the talented professionals who comprise the Executive Women’s Forum was a further inspiration to me and the work that I do.  There is such a need for understanding ourselves and others; I see this every day, interacting with business people.  And the more we rely on electronic means of communication, the more vulnerable our ability to connect becomes.


I learned a lot this week.  And I had a lot of fun.  What about you?

2 thoughts on “Are you connecting?

  1. Great share Cheryl. I agree that knowing yourself is the first step to understanding others. Understanding is key for effectively helping others. This month, I will be launching “The Anti-Networking Solution” which is dedicated to helping people who hate networking learn how to do it comfortably. It is based on the concept of “connecting” vs. “networking” and it starts with first understanding yourself so you can identify how to best serve others. Connections of value are born out of profoundly serving others your most authentic self. Hope you write more in this topic because I know you live this spirit every day. You have a lot to offer on this subject! Best always!

  2. Thanks Gina. I’m sure your event will be fabulous–you are doing a terrific job of adding value to your clients and prospects. Keep up the good work!

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