5 Key Principles of Connecting

piecesofthepuzzleIn my last post, Building Relationships When It Matters Most, I introduced Amy, who was starting a new job and wanted to be more effective in building relationships with her boss, team and co-workers.

From our meetings, Amy learned how her communications style was working for her in some cases and against her at other times.  This new awareness enabled her to adapt and adjust her style to fit the situation and to create more effective interactions with each of the people who were important to her success.

Learning the Key Principles of Connecting also helped Amy build her leadership ability and credibility.  Let’s review them here:

  1. Connecting increases your influence in every situation. And, since influence is the currency of leadership, the ability to connect with others and to communicate effectively is a major determining factor in your success and in reaching your potential.
  2. Connecting is all about others and not about you. In order to make an initial connection, you need to focus on where they are coming from and how they prefer to interact, then adjust your approach to match it.
  3. Connecting goes beyond words. You need to understand and appreciate all the components of effective communications.  Did you realize, for instance, that more than 90% of the impression you convey has nothing to do with what you actually say?
  4. Connecting requires energy & effort. You have to be intentional and deliberate; it needs to be a priority.  You have to be committed, prepared, interesting and interested.
  5. Connecting is more skill than natural talent. Yes, there are people who seem to be born connectors.  And, it is a skill that can be taught and it can be learned.  And, it’s one that worth developing over time; you can always be better.

 For Amy, knowing these principles enabled her to develop some simple practices that made building her skill in this area a natural flow in her daily interactions with others.

In Part 3 of this series, I will share those practices.  If you’d like to learn more about the key principles and best practices of connecting, join my upcoming webinar, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.  This session is jam-packed with practical tips that will help you improve your communication – at work and everywhere else!

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