3 Signs You Are Not A Good Leader

leadbyexampleIn my experience coaching, training and facilitating leadership teams, there are three common scenarios that I often hear. Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  1. You are continually frustrated with your team’s ability to follow through in a way that meets your expectations. They never seem to do things how you want when you want. You often feel that “they just don’t get it” and wonder what it would be like to have team members that perform well.
  2. Your organization is experiencing turnover and you are losing your best people. The people you would like to see exit the company remain, while the best and brightest leave. You blame the one who left first because he has convinced the others that the grass is greener elsewhere.
  3. No one volunteers for extra assignments or responsibilities and absenteeism is on the rise. You are finding it increasingly difficult to get everything done without your personal involvement or being in everyone’s face all day every day. You wonder what ever happened to the hard work ethic and you are certain it’s “the younger generation.”

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, I’ve got bad news for you: The problem is you.

It’s not that your people “don’t get it,” it’s that you are not communicating effectively. True communication is the response that you get; in other words, if your message is not being heard, it’s up to you to find a way to get it across. You need to meet people where they are, not where you are or want them to be.

Losing your best people is indicative that there is something wrong with the culture you’ve created, the amount of appreciation, recognition and opportunity you provide to those superstars and how well you are dealing with lack of performance in others. Ask yourself: what are you doing to create the kind of environment that great people want to be part of?

When you start to believe that “nothing gets done right unless I do it myself,” or that people don’t want to perform well and excel and succeed at work, it is not the generation gap. Sure, there are differences in what different generations most value, how they view work and prefer to communicate, but the real issue is your willingness to understand and appreciate what each person contributes. Further, you probably need help with your delegation skills.

Ask yourself what you are doing to contribute to your own growth as a leader? What new knowledge do you need to learn about to be competitive? What skills do you need to develop? How can you create the type of culture that you want? Leadership is far more complex than it used to be. The pace of change is faster than ever, people have different needs and expectations about their work and technology brings its own set of challenges along with the benefits. You have to invest in your own development and that of your team. If you do not, you are falling further and further behind.

Someone recently asked me “how large does the investment needs to be?” The longer you wait to get started, the more it will cost. Today, there is so much available right at your fingertips: lots of great books on the subject of leadership, audio recordings, seminars and conferences, online webinars. You can hire a coach, join a mastermind—or start one. The possibilities for growth are endless.

If you are interested in scheduling a strategy session with me to discuss your particular needs and see how I can help, simply contact me at cheryl@ellisbusinessenterprises.com.

My Time With Natalie

My friend Natalie is the host of “Time With Natalie,” a web-based TV Show for which she interviews global thought leaders on a wide range of subjects.

Earlier this year, we were together in Miami for our Mastermind meeting and Natalie asked to interview me on the subject of leadership and about writing a book, something she is currently contemplating.  It was such fun and I wanted to share it with you here.

Here is the link to the interview.

I hope you enjoy it.  As always, I’d be interested in your feedback.  Post a comment below or on the you tube channel.