5 Reasons Women Should Develop Their Leadership Abilities

Recently, I was asked “Why is it important for women to be better leaders?”  Wow!  What a great question and I had never given it much thought.  Men and women should want to be better leaders, right?

Whenever I discuss or write about leadership, I like to make the distinction that I am not talking about position, because to me, leadership is about connection and its about influence.  And, since we all have the opportunity to influence someone or something,  we all have the opportunity to lead.

One of my core values is diversity, as in respect for individual perspective. I believe the world is a better place whenever and wherever multiple points of view are represented.  This certainly includes both feminine and masculine energy when it comes to leadership.

I grew up in an era when we were trying to prove that men and women are “equal,” as in “the same.”  We know now that isn’t true.  Men and women are [delightfully] different and each brings something unique to the table in terms of perspective.  One without the other can be an incomplete view.  We definitely need both.

So, with that as context, let me share at least 5 reasons it’s important for women to develop their leadership ability and effectiveness: Continue reading